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Ace India considers each recruitment exercise just like each candidate is a unique being, hence we offer several flexible search options tailored to meet your needs. We offers contract, contract-to-permanent and permanent/direct placement options to quickly increase and decrease your workforce. Our services are customized to any company size be it small, medium or large and are not restricted to any particular domain, we provide staffing solution to almost all the industry verticals in International market.

Contract Recruitment

There always arises a seasonal need in an organization and they look for a support staff for the upcoming project. Our International clients rely on us for their contract recruitment needs, where we jump in and help them to fill their short-term needs for qualified professionals. Hiring on contractual agreements leverages companies to maintain workforce and retain the talent available today and reducing upfront sourcing costs.


This specific service benefits a company by not hiring the conventional way that any companies offer i.e. permanently hiring the candidate. By going through the Contract-to-permanent recruitment service you have the option to observe the performance of the candidate till the time they are on contract. If they fit into your requirement criteria you may hire them on permanent basis.

Permanent and Direct Placement

This recruitment service best fits to those who just want to outsource their entire staffing and recruitment service to increase staff for project based work. Ace India takes the entire charge for screening the candidate and recruitment based on the clients need. For the Permanent and Direct Placement recruitment service you completely rely international recruitment experts from the Ace India who has a wide network and access to a recruiting resource to select a perfect fit to fill the required position.