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No one can beat the truth that you know your business better than anyone, and we are confident about what works for your business when it comes to leading managing and developing people. Ace India’s HR intervention service brings a focused and professional approach to your business and acts as a mediator to resolve management and people issues. Considering the goal of your business and striving to achieve them our professionals give their 100% in enhancing the performance of your existing employees at the same time help you with new talents who would meet your business requirements.

Our domain specific recruiters are experts in building an organizational structure which will enable to build foundations for growth and sustainability. At Ace India we follow a strategic approach for your recruitment needs.

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection has been the most critical and sensitive phase while evaluating the right talent, as these phase requires identifying the need in the organization to employ the candidate. Though the process focuses on access human resource the main aim of the entire process is to meet the organization goal. The size of the Human resource definitely depends on the organizational need and the strategic planning.

Performance Management System

Performance Management is another crucial component which brings together effective management of individuals and teams contributing towards personal and professional goals at the same time improving the individual and organizational performance. Performance Management System as an established process inculcates the culture of continuous personal growth, improvised skills, and improvement in organizational behavior. Though it’s a long term activity it involves individuals of the entire organization to work towards strategically achieving personal goals and organizational goals.

Training and Development

For any organization to grow it becomes a must for them to take equal interest in grooming their existing resources according to the industry needs and demands. At Ace India we understand trainings and development activities make a lot of difference in individuals at the same time we also understand your commitment and willingness to train your people. Throughout the training sessions we try to gauge and investigate management issues that may be a hurdle while reaching the company goal. Our training sessions conducted by expert’s guarantees improvement in the performance of the individuals.

Compensation Management

While connecting the dots in HR Intervention all the above will not work unless there is motivation, any small monetary reward as a token of appreciation, bonus or compensation no doubt works in the favor of the organization. This becomes a necessity as organizations need to maintain satisfied employees who are associated with the company for a long time. At Ace India we help you design smart compensation plans at every level of the organizational hierarchy which will improve the performance level ultimately increasing profitability.

Organization Development

Organization Development refers to bringing change in the existing process and is still able to perform at par. There are multiple activities involved when we talk about OD in order to increase effectiveness. These activities are conducted in order increase the existing capability and capacity of self growth and giving them a confidence of sustainability. Organization Development no doubt would bring change across the board and in every aspect. Experts at Ace India help you design the OD activities according to the output you expect from your team.

Our HR Intervention service has proved to be a one stop solution for your recruitment needs.